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Her Story

It was March of 1994 when she decided to change her life.

With the love of her life by her side and her 10 year old daughter, she packed a small suitcase and left the only life she knew in Russia for the opportunities that the unknown held. The goal was America but it took almost 4 years to finally get there at which time they lived in Cyprus.

The day has come and everything was straight out of a fairytale. However that didn’t last long. Two weeks to be exact.

She was left without legal papers, job, barely any money, minimal English, not knowing anyone in the country and a teenage daughter.

And she survived!

Meet my mom. A single mother who risked everything to allow me to reach my highest possibility, grow, flourish and discover my own wings.

My mother is the inspiration for this project.

This is my WHY.

I watched her work her entire life, 2, 3 jobs at a time, caring for everybody except herself. Now I want to honor her and all the women in the world who are caretakers and may not take the time to pamper themselves, self indulge or feel like they  matter.

I want to hear your story.

Whether you are a senior in junior high, high school or senior citizen. I want to meet you. I want to show you that you matter. That you are beautiful, not only on the inside but also on the outside.

I want to bring some glamour, fashion, tutus, bubbly, laughter and joy into your life!

And I’ll also take your pictures 🙂

It’s time to discover your wings and turn into a butterfly.

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