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You can’t do it

It’s a lie!

Whether someone else told you “You can’t do it”, or you keep telling it to yourself, it’s a total lie. It’s only true if you so choose. For some reason so many of us are standing in our own way and keep believing this myth that the life we currently live and our circumstances are the way it always has to be.

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If something is not working, it’s up to us individually to change it.

Choose a different path.  Create what you want instead of complaining of what is wrong.

If you’ve been waiting for permission to live the life you’ve dreamed about…this is it!

This is your permission slip to change you can’t to you CAN.

We may not know each other nor may we ever cross paths, but I do wish those who need to hear these words, really HEAR them and take them to heart and run with them.  Run towards your dreams!


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If you haven’t heard of Danielle Laporte, I highly recommendchecking out her blog and books.  She has a gift for you. 

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