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Spreading the Wings |NYC Photographer

Two weeks ago I decided to embark on the journey which would forever change my life.

I didn’t know all the details that would transpire but I knew this would be a life changing experience.

So far I have traveled by subway, bus, car, plane, train and a bicycle.

(The first few posts will include a quick recap and some pictures from my phone. )

The trip began on October 27th, 2013.  My first stop was Virginia, I was staying and photographing my friend’s mother who had an incredible life and many barriers which she overcame.  The hospitality and generosity of strangers never seize to amaze me.  And to top it off, I got to taste Faye’s famous homemade baklava. 


Stop #2 was Austin, TX.  Hopping on a 5am plane, I traded my jacket for a t-shirt and flip flops and was transported back to summer.  A friend I haven’t seen in many years has relocated there 4 years ago and offered to stay with her.  Yanna is a fellow photographer which made the visit even more fun.

Austin is known for its’ food, which I took full advantage of.

On our first evening out, we went to a beer coop when I came across Elizabeth.

This was my Austin Butterfly.

She had long flowy, gray hair, channeling Farrah Fawcett, a great smile and an amazing personality which instantly makes you fall in love with her.  Spontaneous, free spirit who has been through so much hardship but that didn’t let her stop living her life to the fullest and believing she deserves more.



During our photo shoot, we were coming across butterflies everywhere.  It was a magical day!




After 4 days in Austin, I retreated to an Ashram on the outskirts of the city, for a little peace, grounding and to catch up on work. Only thing I didn’t take into account is actually getting there.  Google maps showed a bus running there, so after taking the train into the city, I lugged my enormous bags about a mile to the bus station, waited there for another hour for the scheduled bus…which never arrived and then looking up to see that the bus does not run on weekends.  It was a weekend.  Thank you google maps. 2 hours, $60 and 1 broken flip flop later, I arrived at Radha Madhav Dham.

Coincidentally, my visit fell on Diwali, festival of lights, the biggest Hindu festival. It was so amazing to see the tradition behind it and all the families coming together to celebrate this day.  The fireworks show was so incredible, especially seeing it so close and intimate.

Goodbye Austin, it has been a pleasure visiting and the extra pounds were so worth it!

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