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Forest photoshoot with Elizabeth

Elizabeth is originally from Russia and currently studying in Montpellier, France.  I reached out to her on Model Mayhem and luckily she was traveling to Paris for the weekend.  The photo shoot took place in Bois de Vincennes in the suburb of Charenton.
After our photo session, she shared about her experience and some thoughts about living and studying abroad. 

“Home is not something you are blindly in love with, it becomes home when you see all the drawbacks and the negative side of it, but accept it fully.”

“From the distance, you also see your country of origin differently.  Distortion of information by media and history taught in schools in different countries are becoming apparent. It is still even more difficult to find some truth for yourself.
Furthermore, moral codex that people in my country and family share is completely different from that one of other cultures.  I understand that there is no “correct” version, but it is difficult to form the moral codex for relationships with people of other cultures because a lot of disagreements appear. Compromises which are made, change your view of life.”

Thank you Elizabeth for sharing your experience, and lessons learned along your journey.

Photography by: Ania Volovique | |

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