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Letting Go of Good Enough

It’s been a year.  It’s so strange to think back a year and remember the person who looks so much like me but yet was different in so many ways.

2013 was the year that changed my life the most.  Rather it wasn’t the year, it was me.  I had decided to change parts of my life that left me feeling angry, pessimistic and in a constant state of despair.

I let go of what I had for the opportunities that the unknown held.  Not a day goes by that I am not thankful for the courage that overtook my being to step on the edge and jump.

The outside looked just fine but the inside was crumbling.  The comfortable 9-5, the security of a weekly paycheck, the promises, hopes and desires and yet without action I would have stayed there becoming my own worst enemy.

I wanted more.  I wanted to have a purpose, a reason to wake up excited for the day ahead, to enjoy my life and the people in it and not wish things were different and cry to sleep every night.

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Was I crazy and scared and doubting myself countless times throughout the process?  Of cause!  But staying miserable was no longer an option.  I had a purpose and so do you!

Safety.  Security.

Responsible.  Comfortable.  

Is it worth it? 

Don’t hold onto something good enough, meanwhile there’s something amazing around the corner!

It’s not giving up or running away, but taking a look at your life and seeing what you are detesting and makes you die a little inside with each passing day.  Hoping things will change but not doing anything about it, will only worsen the situation so whatever your ‘burden’ may be, it’s time to LET GO!

What or who are you holding onto, gripping tight but deep down know is not right for you?

A job, relationship, friendship, collection of items or old beliefs that leave you feeling stuck, empty, bitter, self-conscious or weighed down.

A toxic environment, whether at a job, at home or with a friend, will only accelerate over time and start to spread to other parts of your life.

This week’s Monday Challenge is to let go.

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Letting go of good enough.

You deserve more than good enough.  Do not fear of letting go because what is waiting for you is so much bigger, brighter and more perfect for you!  Believe in your vision so much that waiting one more day is not an option.  The change can start TODAY!  All it takes is action.  With even the smallest action and step towards your goals and dreams, you are opening up new opportunities to flow into your life.


The fear should be in staying.

Staying stuck in complacency, doubt and mediocracy.

You don’t need a plan or have it all figured out.  It’s ok to make mistakes.  The greatest achievements have been made by people who have made millions of mistakes at first.  If they never tried or gave up right away, we would not recognize such names as Thomas Edison, Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan and so many more.  They all made mistakes, many have been called stupid and ‘least likely to succeed’ and yet that didn’t stop them so why should your own doubts or opinions of others stop you?!

Whether you are just starting your day or ending, take 15 minutes to be by yourself in a quite place with a notebook.

Think about one particular situation that is causing you the most heartache.  Something you’ve been contemplating for awhile but always have been finding reasons for the situation to stay the same.

What can you do today to change it?

Figure out what you want and if you don’t know write down what you DON’T want.

Let go.  No need for reasons, explanations or excuses.  Just let go.  Let go and realize you are making the necessary steps for the right opportunities to come into your life.

Without change, there will be no change!

What small action can you make today that can be the catalyst to get the ball rolling into getting what you want and astray from what is derailing you from your true path?

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Each time something ended or a big change occurred, either by my own choice or not, what followed was something so much greater than what I would have ever imagined for myself.

By going in the direction of what feels right and pursuing something that you love, no matter the outcome, you will always end up by being better off than if you stayed in the same place.

Change is good!  Change is how we grow and evolve!

The photos above are from a leadership/obstacle course I took last summer.  A big part of which was about letting go and chasing your dreams.

We all have a choice.  You can choose to stay, to stand up or to jump.

What do you choose?

Is there something you can let go of that will move you in the direction of your goals and dreams?

Will you regret NOT letting go?

Spread your wings, you were meant to SOAR!

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