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Studio with Syd

Singer, songwriter, artist, professor, and physicist. All can be in one person. Syd proves that you can live life multi-dimensionally, and right and left brains can work together.
A few weeks ago, I met up with Syd at his studio while he practiced with his band member, Joy.  Pink Noise Party is an electro rock band from Paris. The band is a part of the quantum electro rock sub-genre; a mixture of  psychedelic rock, dance-punk and glam rock that draws inspiration from the quantum vibrations of the Universe.
“Surely “drive” is what triggers passion and makes humans “vivid”. It is also special in the sense that constraint or force cannot affect it. If one is willing to start a new time and energy-demanding project, he/she should always start by asking him/herself if this is a genuine and sincere decision. Or if — on the contrary — this is a result of a decision from influence by his/her surrounding, family, social environment, “tribe” of friends etc.

Just like love and romance, you cannot start a project and expect exaltation if you started it on purely rationale thoughts.

There must be something more. Something that makes you feel special about your life and how you see it in the long-term. The good thing is everybody’s got something that makes him/her feel special. It’s just a question of finding it out by “unravelling” your childhood and trying to discover what are the “founding drives” of your life.

Paradoxically enough (at least for some frantic people), this is usually best carried out by first being sweet AND keen AND sincere to yourself and indulging yourself in losing your time and not expecting any clear and quick answer from this process.

The less you expect, the more you leave room for surprise.

And surprise can lead to really stimulating projects on the long-term. So as a rule of thumb: do introvert at times, but try not listening too much to others.”

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