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Sydney traveling the world

How many of us wish we could travel the world?

It requires lots of money, resources, time…not necessarily!

Right now may be the best time to follow that dream. Not only does traveling not require a lot of money, but there are also many online resources which make it easy to find free or affordable accommodations, cheap flights and meet new people.

One of such resources is

It’s a website that brings people together to learn something, do something and share something. Whatever your interests may be, you can find events and other people who enjoy the same things. It’s the new version of a dating site, only you are not necessarily looking for a date.

A few weeks ago I went to one of the meetups, a get together of women from different countries who were currently living in Paris. There, I met Sydney, a Canadian who has been traveling the world for over 2 years. After sharing about my project, she was interested in being part of it. Sydney wanted to share her experience in Sri Lanka and India and what she has learned from her travels.

The photo session took place near Sacré-Cœur in Montmartre on a sunny day filled with tourists. We were able to find secluded areas and not only capture Sydney’s essence but also incorporate the feel of Paris.

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“Someone ended up stealing my backpack from the bus, and I had to deal with it. Just like that. My life for the past 5 months was gone and I had nothing left but the clothes I was wearing, and a few hundred rupees. Yes, my passport and all my documents were gone. My camera with all my photos of Sri Lanka, my clothes, jewelry, souvenirs but most importantly… my journals.

At this point during my trip, I had to start fresh. I had to start over completely with nearly nothing.

I had to let go of the past, my written memories, my photos and all of my “stuff”.

It didn’t take long to realize that I didn’t need any of it. The fact that I had to “let go” meant that I had to also let go of my pride, and ask for help. People showed me such kindness that I had never received before. I connected with people on a deeper level because of my situation. I met people who I care for deeply now and I fell in love with Sri Lanka.”

“Upon my return to India, I felt like a whole new person. Which I was!

Things change all the time, and people change as well. I was traveling solo in India and met some of the kindest, genuine, most interesting and lovely people of my life.

Within one year.
I felt extremely humbled by the entire experience. I became more aware of my privilege as a white person from a rich country.”

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Thank you Sydney for sharing part of your experience.

May your journey continue to be blessed with new experiences and kind souls!

Photography by: Ania Volovique | |

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