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Are you waiting for life or is life waiting for you?

Are you waiting for life or is life waiting for you?

A strategic layover didn’t necessarily go according to plan. Much like many things humans tend to plan and try to control.

I had a 1 hour flight to Boston with a stay at a friend’s house before going to Mexico the following morning. 3 hours before the flight, a notification was sent with a slight delay of 20 minutes – No big deal!
However, the 20 minutes turned into a 5 hour delay. We were sitting inside the plane without moving, hearing a horrific sound coming through the engine, and the pilot occasionally notifying the progress…or lack thereof.
Time delay was a big factor, but even more importantly, safety was becoming a real concern.
At times like these, one can truly focus on exercise in patience and trust.
I had some reflections on what can be learned from this experience and applied to life.
You can be ready, packed, on time and then just sit in waiting. In waiting of things that are outside of your control.
Your reaction (or non-reaction) to outside circumstances can be the difference and character builder.
  • Do you panic, stress, blame?
  • What’s your go-to in times of not having control?
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The only real thing that we have control over is our reaction.
What about the things that are within your control – and yet you may sit around waiting for someone else to finalize, or give you the permission to move forward.
  • What parts of your life are you waiting for other people?
  • Are you waiting for permission?
  • What can you make happen today/this week/this month without giving excuses or waiting around for someone else?
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A lot of the barriers are self imposed.
Waiting for a call back or email response. Passive forms of communication and no true urgency.
Letting outside circumstances or other people control the outcome of your desires, dreams, and life possibilities.
  • How much do you want it?
  • Is it easier to complain or blame?
The intention may be nice small talk at a water cooler or pity party during happy hour, but the results speak for themselves.

Are you the person who intends or does?

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I’ve decided to focus on the actions I get to do today, versus the plans for next week, month and year. Planning is important but without action and urgency, you are standing still.
 There’s a big difference between intention and action.
Intention has the power to paralyze with inaction and give the illusion of development while you are standing still thinking of what you intent to do. 

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