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Hi beautiful friend! So happy to have you here.
This site and my work is dedicated to YOU - the conscious entrepreneur on a mission to make the world a better and happier place!
I support turning your vision to reality through branding photography and business strategy.

In 2013, I changed every aspect of my life that was slowly killing me and made a conscious choice to
live ON purpose and WITH passion.
I had to find my own path and walk it.... UNAPOLOGETICALLY!

I quit a very comfortable but unfulfilling job, started my photography business full time, ended a toxic marriage, founded a humanitarian project and flew to Paris with a one-way ticket. Naturally!

I spent the next 3 years couch surfing across 14 countries, creating hundreds of inspiring connections with other non-conformists who turned their dreams into reality. It was a deep dive into my own personal growth, and by the end I knew my purpose was even greater than I originally thought and all the challenges were simply preparing me for it.
I believe we go through hardship not only to grow ourselves, but to be vessels of transformation and inspiration for others. 
I'd love to learn about your vision and support bringing it to reality!





my freedom list

years in industry

• saying yes to new experiences
• taking a day off just because
• receiving what I truly desire
• asking for support
• paying bills with joy
• making aligned decisions

what's your definition of a well-lived life?

can't wait to meet you. get in touch today. 

Blending clarity, strategy and soul +
Creating alignment between your
 why and how

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