How would you live your life if there was no timeline?
What if we didn’t have 12 months that signifies a full year?

Time doesn’t really exist and 365 days is not an accurate measure of a year. Waiting for January 1st to roll around to break old habits and incorporate new ones has been proven not to be effective.
I have a few ideas to share so you can take control of your time without waiting for the New Year to start fresh.

1. Know your core desired feelings.

I’m a big promoter of designing a life based on how you want to FEEL.
If all your choices and decisions are centered around being in alignment with your core desired feelings, then your entire life feels IN FLOW.
The resolutions are natural by products of choosing activities that move you towards the life you ADORE!

Do you know what your core desired feelings are?
Danielle LaPorte has a great workbook all about it.
Click here to learn more.

Knowing how you want to feel is the most powerful form of clarity you can have.

ACTION: Create a list of 3-5 of your core desired feelings and place them where you would see them daily. When planning your week, be mindful of filling it with activities and goals that match your core desired feelings.

2. Check in with yourself.

Benjamin Franklin had check-ins several times a day. Every. Single. Day.
What good shall I do this day?
What good have I done today?
What are some of the questions you can ask yourself in the morning and/or evening to make sure you’re keeping yourself on track with your goals?
Below is Franklin’s daily schedule.

ACTION: Set a time during the day to check-in with yourself and get grounded in what you want to create.

No matter what day of the “year” it is, I wish for you to live in full alignment with your core desired feelings and jump out of bed EXCITED for the day!

What activities will move you closer to your vision?

What if you replace the word ‘resolution’ with commitment?

Commitment to your vision!

My commitment is to live a life full of:

Your turn!

ACTION: What is your commitment and what action steps will move you closer to your vision?

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